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Daniel Van der Mallie

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I'm currently an undergraduate at Shawnee State University (Junior) studying for a BA in Psychology with a minor in social work. I've a long history of computer programming and repair, as well as gaming (including tabletop.)

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    How to be a DM or GM Part 1: Choosing your game and supplies

    22 months ago

    Hello! If you're reading this, you're most likely interested in becoming a GM (Game Master) or DM (Dungeon Master) of your very own roleplaying game. Perhaps you've been a player in a game and now you wish to take...

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    How to EASILY remove the svchost.exe virus

    6 months ago

    This article covers how to easily remove the SVChost.exe virus, which is known to be connected with various rootkits. All needed downloads to remove the virus are provided.

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